Everyone talks about Marie Kondo, even if you've never watched her show, chances are you've heard someone say "does it spark joy?" Am I right? The show on Netflix (Tidying Up with Marie Kondo) is uber popular, and now you can declutter and organize your home thanks to a Rochester woman!

Huge shoutout to the Rochester Mom's Blog for bringing Sara to my attention! According to an article they wrote about her, she is Rochester’s only certified KonMari method organization specialist. Her new business, Simple Home Method, offers home organization services to help clients create homes filled with belongings they love, enabling them to make lasting change.

Her website says she actually left a corporate job to start Simple Home Method. A method that she claims is different than other organization methods because it encourages people to think about how they feel about the items they own. Choosing to keep only items that truly bring you joy helps create a home that’s also filled with joy – and less clutter. It, of course, is the method made famous by Marie Kondo.

I apply my experience as a busy mom to help my clients attain their organization goals by guiding them through the method of deciding what to keep — does it “spark joy?”— and then storing and managing their belongings, so they have the freedom to live their best lives surrounded by things they love and appreciate. - Sara Messina

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