A couple years ago, some friends of mine won chickens at a charity auction. Yes, chickens. Their package included chickens, a chicken coop, and feed for the summer. They said it was super easy to care for the chickens and their kids loved having them around.

If your kids would love having chickens in the backyard and checking for eggs every day you can make that happen for them. There’s a Rochester company called Our Backyard Chicken that rents chickens for the summer or by the month and “offers you all the benefits of backyard chickens without the commitment of ownership.” So what are the benefits to having chickens? The company says: You’ll have fresh delicious eggs right out your backdoor. Plus, chickens eat insects and their droppings are a really good fertilizer for your lawn.  

Chickens are low maintenance and everything you’ll need is provided. You get 2 hens that lay a total of 8 to 14 eggs a week.

Learn more about Backyard Chicken, here.

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