We're literally a week into what's going to feel like an eternity of winter in southeast Minnesota but that doesn't mean I can't daydream about being on a beach somewhere. So as I'm googling dream vacation destinations I found something absolutely crazy and I cannot believe this is actually real...

Every now and again I come across a video that makes me say "Wait, that's a thing!?"  and today I found such a video and in less that a minute into it I was absolutely glued to my computer screen.

I present to you, Marble Sand Racing:

That's right: 20 colorful marbles racing down a long course on a sand hill, where the winner gets 20 tournament points! Now I haven't figured out what the champion gets, outside of bragging rights, so I'll have to do some more research... but this is absolutely insane! I can't believe how fascinated I am by all this, but I am!

I don't know who I am anymore, but this is a YouTube trend I can get behind. If you're as interested in this as me, you can watch all the races HERE.

Also, I think it'd be cool if they did an ice course version of this next! There's a couple hills in Rochester that would be perfect for this sort of thing - Someone who has way more free time on their hands needs to get on this ASAP! I would be up there betting away my kids college fund every race... OK, not really. Obviously I'm joking, but I would watch.

Speaking of gambling: If I were a betting man, I'd say despite several Bruegger's Bagels closing up in the Twin Cities the two locations here in Rochester should be safe... fingers crossed! You can read more on the possibility of them closing here.

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