We're starting the week with temps that are about 20-degrees colder than normal for this time of the year but don't worry warmer weather is right around the corner. Rochester could actually break a cold-weather record Tuesday morning, but then it'll slowly warm up throughout the week though and by Halloween, we should be back to high temps that are average for late October.

As of right now, Halloween is looking very nice, with a mostly sunny sky and a high in the low 50s, which means you shouldn't need a big bulky coat over your costume. Check the full forecast here. The weekend weather looks good for trick-or-treating and finishing any outdoor projects.

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Rochester has already set two different records for the most snowfall ever on both Tuesday, October 20th, and on Sunday, October 25th. This has been the 4th snowiest winter ever for Rochester. Hopefully, that's not a sign of things to come but unfortunately, most of the long-term predictions are saying we are going to get dumped on a lot this winter.

NOAA has already predicted more snow than normal because of La Nina.

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