All I can say is I completely agree with everything Mandy had to say about her most recent discovery along South Broadway:

That's right - Flapdoodles Homemade Ice Cream is answering all our prayers by launching a brand new food truck for their fans in and around Rochester.

After speaking to Flapdoodle south's store owner Matt, I found out a couple more details on what this bad boy will be all about: Such as he plans on setting up a downtown location this spring to have a presence among the rest of the fantastic food trucks in town. The truck will carry 8-10 flavors at a time and offer single and double scoops to start to keep it simple for customers, although that could also change once they're established.

When I asked Matt if the food truck would eventually be available for cooperate or charitable events, he said there's a possibility for much more, but later.

He sounded extremely excited to get things started and said this has been an idea for several years before making this dream a reality in the coming months! I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying some salty caramel or cookies n' cream (if they're available that is) on the regular once the warm temperatures return to southeast Minnesota this spring!

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