We were just talking about the things, we as guests hate about weddings. Now here's what NOT to do as a guest at a wedding... 

According to a recent survey, half of people have left a wedding because of someone else's embarrassing move...

I think it goes without saying, but sitting at number 10 - getting too drunk and causing a scene. Nobody wants to deal with that, especially not the newlyweds. I've been to a wedding where the bride's aunt peed on the deck of the venue! Don't be THAT person!

Several spots on the top ten are held by the people that wear whatever the hell they want. Rule of thumb: don't wear white! Other embarrassing wardrobe fails that made the list - wearing sunglasses in the church (you don't look cool), wearing a dress that looks exactly like the bridesmaid dresses (she didn't pick you, get over it!) and/or wearing a huge hat!

They hire a photographer for a reason, don't take pictures at the ceremony (specifically with flash), and stay out of the way of the photographer (that goes for you too mom).

AND, the top 3 things you DON'T want to do:

3. Wearing a really revealing outfit

2. Leaving before the speeches are finished

1. An inappropriate best man’s speech

To check out more "what not to do," click here. 

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