A recent survey shows American adults are 3 times more likely to scream or yell in the morning than at any other time during the day.

I imagine this is mostly parents trying to get their kids up and ready for the day. Screaming things like: "GET OUT OF BED!" or "HURRY UP WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!"  Getting stuck in traffic, when you're trying to get to work on time, could also fuel some of that rage.

If every day seems like a mad house the experts at todaysparent.com have some advice for you.

Start earlier: 
Allow 1 ½ hours for the morning routine because kids need time to transition between activities. Allowing plenty of extra time will allow you some time to relax and sip your coffee which will calm your nerves.

Lower your expectations:
Your kids aren't perfect and yelling isn't going to help. They are going to screw up the morning routine. Instead of yelling find a time to talk about what went wrong and ways to improve.

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