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The popular 100 Mile Garage Sale is coming up this weekend in southeast Minnesota! I have never been and I'm really hoping that I'll get the chance to check it out this weekend. The garage sale runs from Friday, May 7th through Sunday, May 9th.

The garage sale, for anyone that doesn't know, runs from Winona up Highway 61 to Hastings and then over the border to Prescott, WI and down Highway 35. Explore Minnesota writes that there are all sorts of groups that sell at this garage sale like "church sales, estate sales and boutique side walk sales." You're bound to find something!

I've heard that some people take Friday off of work so they get first dibs on the sales. That's an awesome idea! Sadly I'm not able to go on Friday, if I'm able to make it this year I'll be going on Sunday so hopefully I'll be able to get some good finds! If you have any tips for a first-timer like me going to the 100 Mile Garage Sale you can chat with me on our app, comment on our Facebook post, or you can send me a message on my Instagram: @carlyrossonair.

When is the 100 Mile Garage Sale?

I was trying to figure out what time the 100 Mile Garage Sale happens each day since I don't want to miss it on Sunday if I'm able to go. What I found on their Facebook page is that the event starts Friday, May 7th at 8 AM and goes until Sunday, May 9th at 6 PM. I'm sure they aren't open all night so I'd guess each day they're open 8 AM - 6 PM. I'm sure some booths are open only part of that time too. If I had to make an educated, avid garage sale-er guess, I'd say the prime time to go when the most garage sales will be open is around noon.

If you grab any good finds at the 100 Mile Garage Sale I would love to see them! You can send us a picture on our free app.

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