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A new survey has compiled a list of the Most Used Slang Words in each of the 50 states, but I'm going to guess you've probably not said the one they say is most-used here in Minnesota.

Yes, this is the slang word a new survey says we say the most here in Minnesota-- and no, it's not 'you betcha!' Do you know what it is? The gang over at BestLife.com has come up with a list of the Most-Used Slang Words in each state.

When I first read their article's title, I was POSITIVE that for us here in Minnesota, "you betcha!" was going to be our most-used slang word. Or maybe "ope!"-- the Minnesota word we say when we accidentally bump into someone in the aisle at Target or HyVee. And even though I've caught myself using both of the phrases, I was wrong on both counts.

Do you know what it is? Well, according to BestLife, "Oh for!" is the slang word we use the most here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Of course, you have to pair that word with several other words to create a truly only-in-Minnesota slang phrase. The story explains it like this:

When you say 'oh for' in Minnesota, you can follow it up with a veritable number of words, ranging from cute to sure. Just make sure that whatever you use is positive, seeing as this phrase is meant to show excitement or delight.

Does that sound right to you? Like I said, while I'm not from Minnesota, I have been known to say "you betcha" or "ope," but I don't think I've ever said "oh for..." anything. And, even if you DO say that phrase, we all know it sounds more like "...oh fer!" instead of "oh for..." right?

Now, not to cast doubt on their entire survey, but the Most-Used Slang Word in my home state of Wisconsin is "cripes!" and I don't think I've used that one, either. (Maybe that says more about me than the survey, come to think of it...) You can check out the full list of Most Used Slang Words HERE.

And, keep scrolling to find 10 words we actually DO say-- and pretty much only say-- here in Minnesota.

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