The Minnesota Twins announced last night that Target Field will be operating at 100% capacity starting at the beginning of July. This comes after new guidelines from the CDC and Governor Walz were announced yesterday. Getting to 100% capacity, though, will come in steps.

When Will Target Field be at 100% Capacity?

The first game where Target Field will be operating at 100% capacity, according to the Twins website, is July 5th. That's the start of their series against the Chicago White Sox at Target Field. Capacity isn't going to jump straight to 100% though. On the Twins website, they say that the home games May 14th through the 30th will be operating at 60%. Then for their 12 home games in June, they'll be at 80%, and then 100% starting July 5th.

When You Can Get Tickets to These Home Games

FOX 9 reports that for all remaining home games that are after June 8th, tickets will go on sale beginning Thursday, May 20th at noon. I get the feeling that even though the Twins aren't doing the hottest this season, the tickets may sell out because we were deprived of live baseball for a whole year!

Will Masks Still be Required at Target Field?

As of writing this (the morning of May 14th, 2021), the Twins website says that masks are still required at Target Field. That may change, but for now, play it safe when you go to a game and bring your mask. You wouldn't want to pay for tickets, drive all the way up there, to then be turned away because you don't have a mask.

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