When you become a parent everything changes. You will find yourself saying all sorts of things you never thought you would. Some of the things you heard from your parents as a kid, but some of them, just plain silly. If you said them to any normal adult you would sound ridiculous. Raising tiny humans is hard (and hilarious).
Here are just a few of things I've said to my kids.
1. "Why would you stick that up your nose?"
2. "Stop climbing the furniture."
3. "Where did you pee?"
4. "If you poop I'll give you a prize."
5. "Because I said."
6. "OH, everyone else is doing it? Then yes, of course."
7. "Dog food is NOT for human consumption."
8. "No, I don't know if Mario marries Peach"
9. "Just . . . go outside and play."
10. "Why are you taping candy to the wall?"
11. "Do not throw pancakes at your sister."
12. "Stop licking your sister."
13. "Why are there Legos in the peanut butter?"
14. "Stop drinking your bath water."
15. "Bend over so I can wipe your butt."
I love my kids. They keep my life entertaining. Check out all 30 of the things I've said recently!
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