It's National Girlfriend's Day! Don't worry guys! It's not another holiday you weren't prepared for. It's a day to celebrate our besties, entourage, tribe, or whatever you call your best gal pals. They are your safety net and your source of that belly laugh that you can't get anywhere else. They know when you need a whole bottle and not just a glass, and they can match humor in the most tragic of situations.

by Beth Blanchard
by Beth Blanchard

My girlfriends are the sisters I never head. If you can sneak a night out, head out and celebrate one of these NEW ways!

Every Girl Deserves A Wine Night

If I'm honest, my FAVORITE place is Salem Glen Winery. A place to chill, relax and sample so great wine and food. If you can't get out on a weekday, they have amazing events like Friday night pizza night. Pizza + Wine = Perfect. Details.

Berne Wood-Fired Pizza Artisan Market Night
A little outside of Rochester but well worth it. Enjoy a nice evening out from 5pm-8pm with artists from across SE MN will gather to display and sell their varied artistic mediums. It's a great night of music, pizza, and shopping! Event Details.

Hang Out And Connect For A Cause

No better to hang out with girlfriends than finding ways to volunteer together. This is a bi-Monthly business and community networking event highlighting 3 local nonprofits and ways to help in the community. Women can sure be a powerful force! Event Details.

Escape Room

One of my PERSONAL favorites out of the escape rooms is Unraveled. I've been lucky to have a little experience but this takes the game Clue to a whole new level. It's best in a group. You'd be surprised how strategic and investigative a group of ladies can be. Book Your Room. 

Game Night at LTS. You can bring your own!

I LOVE myself a good game night and the fact that you can bring whatever game you want makes this the perfect way to veg out with your girls that lets you get out of your house and hosting duties. Details.

Test Your Trivia Knowledge 

Head to Kinney Creek! This is one of my favorites! Useless knowledge is kind of my fortay. If only it could win my money but it will certainly give you and your gals a lot of laughter and fun! It’s FREE to play anything AND they provide FREE nightly prizes. Event details.

Get Fit With Your Friends

It's a no judgment zone with friends. Enjoy a little fresh air and fitness at the NAMI Yoga Pop-Up Event from 6:00-7:00pm at Kutzky Park. Calm your minds and relax together with traditional yoga. All experience levels welcome! Bring a mat or blanket if you have one, we will be practicing in the grass. Event Details.

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