Can you imagine being at work when you're hit with a shortness of breath? What are you first thoughts? Is it a cold? Maybe the flu. Pneumonia at worse. What if you were told it's stage 4 cancer? That's what happened to 21 year-old Courtney McGill.

She is a young college student, living and enjoying life when everything changes with a diagnosis. On December 29th, 2017 Courtney was given the news, at 21 she has stage 4 intrahepatic bile duct (Liver) cancer. She started chemo at the beginning of January. She's not letting the diagnosis define her though, and she's feeling positive being in Mayo's care.

While she's in the hands of the best doctors around, she could still use our support. She's limited to working 8 hours a week, and her family and friends have been by her side through her fight causing financial stress.

We can help. There will be benefit for Courtney on March 3rd. Enjoy sloppy joes, a bean bag tourney along with a silent and live auction, plus a bake sale. The benefit is at the Rochester Eagles Club from Noon until 6 pm.

You can also donate to her GoFundMe page. 

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