Memorial Day kicks off what we know as the "unofficial" start to summer. It also starts the 100-day countdown known as the "deadliest days" between Memorial Day and Labor Day. While this timeframe causes more crashes for all drivers as a whole, the average number of deadly teen driver crashes climbs 15% compared to the rest of the year.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s latest study, Rates of Motor Vehicle Crashes, Injuries, and Deaths in Relation to Driver Age says drivers ages 16-17 years old are:
  • 2.6 times as likely as drivers 18 and older to be involved in a fatal crash
  • 3.2 times as likely as drivers 30-59 to be involved in a fatal crash

Those are some startling statistics. Avoid these deadly situations with simple safe driving habits that many of us often forget.

  • PAY ATTENTION: Distraction plays a role in nearly six out of 10 teen crashes.The top distractions for teens include talking to other passengers in the vehicle and interacting with their cell phone. IT CAN WAIT!
  • CLICK IT OR TICKET: Not only is it against the law here in Minnesota but in 2015, 60% of teen drivers killed in a crash were not wearing a safety belt. Teens who buckle up significantly reduce their risk of dying or being seriously injured in a crash.
  • SLOW DOWN There are limits for a reason. Speeds of even 10 mph only get your there a minute sooner. Is it worth it? Speeding is a factor in nearly 30% of fatal crashes involving teen drivers.

Remind yourself, teen drivers, anyone who is on the road to pay attention, follow the laws and be safe this summer!

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