It's far too common to do dinner and movie for the first date. I'm sorry, but a movie is a terrible idea. Unless you're in high school, and you are looking for a good time to put your arm around a girl, don't go to a movie. And dinner puts people on the spot. Nobody wants to feel like they are going into a job interview. Here are some fun, "unconventional" ideas for you!

1. A Comedy Club

It's not something I would think would be an awesome first date, because you can't really talk during the acts. BUT, you really learn a lot about someone by what they laugh at. You learn if they have a similar sense of humor as you right out the gate.

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2. Go to the gym 

This may sound crazy because we all try our hardest to look drop-dead gorgeous for our first dates. BUT, hear me out. Fitness is incredibly important to me. And if it's something you do every day, wouldn't it be cool to have a partner that loves it as much as you? Not to mention, it gives you a moment to show off! I LOVE working out with my husband. If the gym idea is a bit too much for a first date, rent bikes and ride around Silver Lake.

3. Hit up the arcade

Who doesn't love a little "friendly" competition? Best case scenario, you have fun teaming up and playing games together. Worst case scenario, you kick their butt and call it a night!

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