Looking for fun things to do with your friends and family this summer? Our team has compiled this list of some incredible things you can do right here in Minnesota.

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    Adventure Park a Short Drive from Rochester

    The most amazing adventure park in Minnesota is located in Henderson. Thrill seekers will love this park. It has 14 zip-lines that stretch over a mile, a 170′ suspension bridge and spiral staircases that offer incredible views. Check it out, here.

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    Smash Stuff at Minnesota's Adult Playground

    Adult playground... sounds dirty, right? It isn't. Well, technically, it is. You get to drive giant construction equipment and smash stuff! Check it out, here.

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    Go Snorkeling

    Snorkeling in Minnesota? You betcha! Click here for some places where you can try it.

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    Get Artsy

    Take a weekend road-trip to Franconia Sculpture Park. It's a 40-acre park full of gigantic sculptures. Check it out, here.

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    Soak up the Sun at Minnesota's Best Outdoor Waterpark

    The highest-rated waterpark in Minnesota is a short drive from Rochester and was selected by WCCO-TV viewers as the best outdoor waterpark in the state. Check it out, here.

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