You don't have to book a Caribbean vacation to enjoy some time underwater.

According to USA Today's Travel Tips, you can snorkel right here in Minnesota. I've always wanted to snorkel, but have never had the chance, so I'm excited to check these places out:

Sea Life at Mall of America: 

MOA has a one-hour program that you can register for by emailing or calling (952) 853-0612. It includes a 20-minute class, 30 minutes of snorkeling and 10 minutes to clean up afterward. They provide the gear but you are asked to bring things like a swimsuit (duh), towel and sandals.

Participants must be 9 years of age or older. 

The Eagan Scuba Center: 

Located near the Mall of America, they offer snorkeling classes for beginners in their heated pool every Monday. The Eagan Scuba Center has programs for all ages and provides all of the gear you need. Check them out here.

Square Lake in Stillwater:

Square Lake in Stillwater has really clear water and many things for snorkelers to explore including sunken boats and canoes, fish and plant life, and even the tail section of a plane. Square Lake doesn't have a website but you can call for info: (651) 430-8200

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