I don't know about you, but paying bills sounds BORING! I know that's probably what I should do, but I'd rather do something fun! Here's an amazing list of stuff you probably didn't know you could do with $1,000 (or less!)...

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    Explore the Country by Train

    You could hop on a train in Minneapolis and head to New York NEXT WEEK for less than $300 - it's THAT affordable! That leaves lots of extra cash for food, drinks and fun!

    I found an awesome article about a guy who traveled from one coast to the other via train, and documented everything. Check it out. 

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    Relax with Acupuncture

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    Bathroom Makeover

    You'll be a LOT happier getting ready in a room that looks awesome and organized! You can update your bathroom with a small vanity or new sink for less than $1,000. Get a new mirror, buys some new organizers, freshen up your towel selection.

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    Go Formal and Romantic!

    Buy yourself a formal dress, and a suit for your man! Rent a limo for the night, head to the fanciest restaurant in town and enjoy a romantic one-of-a-kind date.

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    Buy a Bike and a Kayak and Head to Silver Lake

    We have amazing trails in Rochester, and Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, so take advantage of our beautiful (FREE) resources with your new toys!

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