I hung out with my kids yesterday in downtown Rochester and wanted to see life through their eyes.  So, we walked around for a few hours (and of course needed some snacks and potty breaks!) but the goal was to just explore and see what they thought was fun.

5 Fun Things For Kids to Do In Downtown Rochester

1)  Rochester Public Library - my kiddos love the library, especially during the summer!  The Summer Playlist is going on right now where kids (and adults) can earn free prizes just for reading and doing fun, summer activities.  Need the info?  Check here for all the info on the Summer Playlist.

Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester

2)  The Fountain in the Peace Plaza! - my kids like to touch the water, just like all kids.  The fountain just outside of Chester's patio is so beautiful but also fun to dance around.  Have your kids wear their flip flops and they can get their feet wet with the water that splashes out of the fountain...and just cool off those toes a bit.

Games at Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria - Jessica Williams TSM Rochester

3)  Games at Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria - we call the game corn hole at my house but some call it "bags"...whatever you call it though, it is there, on the sidewalk, and ready for kids to play.  I also saw hula hoops too and pretty sure I've seen sidewalk chalk at times too.

4)  Capture the moment with the Downtown Rochester sign! - the kids might not think this is as fun but it is a pretty cool photo opp.  My kids sat down in the big "O", but really, your kids can pose in any way that they want and you can capture a pretty cool photo.  There is a bunch of art all over the trails too that you can go discover that would also make some pretty cool photos with your kiddos.

5)  Find Monarch caterpillars and eggs!  Yes...these can be found in downtown Rochester.  Some of our favorite places to find these awesome creatures are on the milkweed just outside of People's Food Coop.  (Shhh...that is our secret location and we just found 10 caterpillars there yesterday!)  Want any tips on how to find them?  Here is a story with some great info: How to find Monarch caterpillars and eggs.

What other fun places do kids love in Downtown Rochester?  I’d love to hear your favorite places! Send me a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram.

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