No doubt at some point this summer (if it hasn't happened already) parents will hear those words. You know the ones I'm talking about... it's the two worst words any mom, dad or guardian can ever hear during these long summer months - "I'M BORED!"

Now, before I enter into the “When I was a kid…” stories, I try to remind myself of a few things like:

  1. I'm sure I was just as equally annoying to my parents when I couldn't find things to do.
  2. With all the technology today's kids have, they have it way different than I did. Personally, I can almost guarantee I'd be even MORE of a home-body than I was when I was younger!
  3. Kids just sometimes need to be nudged in the right direction to have/find fun!

So in case you're struggling to come up with entertaining ways to keep your children busy this summer, here's some cheap and free ideas below:


  • 1

    The Library

    The Rochester Public Library is perfect when it comes to free things to do. If you’ve got a bookworm on your hands, you'll be going back every week or so for a fresh supply of books. Plus, it's FREE to check them out.

  • 2

    Family Bike rides

    If your kids are old enough to ride, go on a family bike ride. There's plenty of paths and trails around southeast Minnesota, including the Douglas Trail! And if you do it several times during the week, it'll kill a lot of time, and you'll get a little exercise too!

  • 3

    Home Depot Work Shops

    Did you know Home Depot offers FREE classes on Saturdays that allow parents and kids to work together on a project that becomes a take home a souvenir? The kids get some neat hands-on skills and the parents can sometimes join in too. In fact, our Rochester store is offering up a class this coming Saturday, July 7! You can learn how to sign up to build a fun little Fishing Game HERE.

  • 4

    Movies in the Park/Backyard

    We've talked about these many times, and the best part is they're completely FREE. If your city doesn't offer one, then just pop some popcorn, grab some bug spray, a blanket, and a couple lawn chairs and you're good to go in your own backyard!

  • 5

    Toy Swap with Friends

    If you have friends with kids the same age as yours, see if they'll do a toy swap for a week or two (or forever if they're crazy loud/annoying). Just changing up your kids' toys could keep them occupied for hours.

  • 6

    Try KidScienceApp

    KidScienceApp is available for iPhones and has a lot of great science experiment resources for you to try at home.

  • 7

    Check Out a Museum

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