The baseball gods certainly gave all of us a break from the crummy weather we've been experiencing lately and handed us a beautiful day for baseball.

It was my second trip up to Target Field to partake in a Minnesota Twins Radio Network Fantasy Camp, but this one certainly trumped my first visit, by far.

Every year, the Minnesota Twins invite all of their radio affiliates up to Minneapolis for a couple hours of drills and fun as a few select announcers can run, hit and pitch like a major-leaguer within the beautiful confines of our semi-new state-of-the-art stadium.

The morning is split into five stations in which we rotate every 20 minutes:

  • Hitting (Home plate/Batting cages)
  • Fly balls (Right Field)
  • Pitching (Bullpen)
  • Fielding (Left Field)
  • Tours

An added bonus? Every year, the Twins invite several Twins greats and Hall of Famers to join in on all the fun! This year, Dan Gladden, Tim Laudner, and Minnesota's own Kent Hrbek were there to give advice (and friendly jabs) at all us announcers as we hustled through the drills.

Just being on the grass inside Target Field give you such a neat perspective on what the players see and experience while playing the game in a major league stadium. While it was obviously empty, it's still such a cool thing to see all the seats that hug the field and dream of what it's like to be a professional ball player.

In between drills I snapped a ton of pictures and video while I could, because who knows when I'll ever get to experience something like this again? I felt like such a kid again, and to see my child-hood idols like Gladden and Hrbek in person... well, let's just say I couldn't contain my smile when they said I could snap a quick picture with them.

I even saw All-Star closer Glen Perkins on the field too!

It was truly a dream come true. And with the weather being as perfect as it was, I couldn't have had a better day.

Below is a great story told by the teams curator Clyde Doepner, explaining the process it takes to honor history and tradition in the Twins organization:

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