Burrito fans will soon have another delicious option in town, starting this summer.

Credit: Pancheros YouTube screen shot
Credit: Pancheros YouTube screen shot

According to Jeff Kiger-Post Bulletin, the old Burger King restaurant off of Hwy 52 (attached to Mattress Firm) is getting a new resident, this time of the Mexican food variety.

Construction is currently underway of a new Pancheros Mexican Grill.

Similar to Chipotle, Pancheros will specialize in burritos. However, they pride themselves with making fresh-pressed tortillas and serve their fine ingredients to build their burritos for the masses.

But unlike Chipotle, who gets criticized by just tossing all of the ingredients together in one big mess inside their burritos, Pancheros sets themselves apart from the competition by using their "Bob Tool" which allows for each ingredient to be evenly distributed across the burrito:

This will be Minnesota's fourth Pancheros location but their first here in southern Minnesota.

I frequently visited Fargo's Pancheros when I lived their a few years back, and they seem to give you a lot more food for your buck. It might seem blasphemous for Chipotle fans to try something new, but Pancheros is definitely worth a try.

You can download a copy of their menu HERE.

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