Do you think a person's profession has anything to do with whether or not they cheat? Ashley Madison, a website designed to help married people have affairs, surveyed its members and found certain careers are more likely to be unfaithful. The site lists the top 5 careers for infidelity for both men and women.


5. Finance

4. Retail/Hospitality

3. Entrepreneurs

2. I.T.

And number one for men is: Trade workers like welders or plumbers.

The top professions for female cheaters are:

5. Politics

4. Social work

3. Finance

2. Education

And number one for women is...The medical field.

According to Business Insider, 23% of the females looking for affairs on Ashley Madison were doctors or nurses.

Did you know it's actually illegal for women to cheat on their husband in Minnesota. There's actually a law on the books. Read more here.


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