Here's a nice bit of news that many people will probably find very enjoyable: Pizza Hut has announced that they're testing out a new service that would deliver wine and/or beer with your pizza. As far as beer options go, you can order six-packs of Budweiser, Bud Light, Kilt Lifter, and Shock Top.

Beer and pizza
Unhealthy fat man sitting on the couch drinking beer and eating pizza

Where was this when I was in college? MAN.

So far, they're just testing out this service in Phoenix, so it's not quite in Minnesota just yet. But you'd have to think that if it goes over well (and I can't imagine it wouldn't), you could soon have some icy cold beer arriving with your freshly hot pizza. Yes please!

For the record, if any local pizza joints in Rochester want to get a jump on this right now, you totally have my permission.

Source: KARE 11

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