Well if this isn't the most adorable thing you'll watch all day...

All the 6-year-old's I know are obsessed with playing with their Barbies, or getting into trouble outside when their parents aren't looking... Not Minneapolis' Zoey Cardamone. She happens to love all things Shakespeare, and has been reciting the playwright's monologues since she was only 2! I'm almost 37 and the only line I can think of is "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" Pretty lame, right?

Well Zoey recently appeared on an episode of Ellen yesterday to explain why she's so obsessed with it all and if you haven't watched the video above yet, it will seriously melt your heart! But she responded by telling guest host Sean Hayes that one day she asked her mommy what her daddy did for a living, and she said that he does Shakespeare monologues... to which she said she'd like to try them too!

Like father, like daughter.

Makes me wonder if either of my girls will be as obsessed with Marvel movies/comics, or even sports as much as me? Probably not... but one can dream, right?

Here's Zoey performing Shakespeare later on in the show. She's so good!

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