For the last 13-years, thousands of people have been flocking to 1st Ave. in downtown Rochester every Thursday during the summer for music, food, drinks. and art. "Thursdays on First" was so popular that soon after launching they had to add another street and change the block party's name to "Thursdays on First & 3rd." The event was rebranded again earlier this year to "Thursdays Downtown" and now we know one reason why - It won't be on 1st Ave next year.

Katie Adelman, Director of Content & Communications for the Rochester Downtown Alliance, confirmed that the popular summer event will need a new home for 2020 and possibly 2021 because of construction scheduled in the Peace Plaza area. Adelman says, "We are in the process of finding a new location. We're looking at a couple of different layouts - activating different parts of downtown."

She said moving the huge festival will be a challenge, "A lot of logistics go into it - power, parking, how it affects our stakeholders downtown - so a lot of variables."  Adelman said the location change should only be temporary and they hope to return to 1st & 3rd as soon as the construction is complete. Everything remains the same for this year's series of block-parties.

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