Friday as I was preparing for our show, I looked over and saw Samm shiver and say, "Eww, Gross!"She then explained that she was reading about Mick Jagger's new girlfriend who is 51 years younger than him!

That's weird, right? Or is age just a number?  We decided to ask our listeners.

Stefanie Brunner said: Hubby and I are 9 years apart, he's older. It's never been an issue until recently when he's starting to be more tired and not wanting to do a lot of social things, but I still want to go out with friends and have a social life!! I have always said, my whole life, that age is just a number....

Miranda Schmidt-Griffin said If both parties are consenting adults, sure it's just a number. If it's one adult taking advantage of a naiive teenager, it's sleazy af.

Ana Wilson said: As long as everyone is 18+, it's just a number.

Several other listeners chimed in with their opinion on the age gap question.

Read their responses in the Facebook post below:

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