One of Amazon's biggest shopping days is upon us and now, so is a scam.

According to several reports, there is a new scam targeting Amazon Prime customers. says the scam targets users by email address and tells the customer their account has been compromised. From there, users are instructed to open a fake login screen, which bares a striking resemblance to the real Amazon login page. That way, they have your login information and can hack your account and your personal information.

The scariest thing about this scam is that you can actually buy a kit online that will help you follow through with it and trick others. Apparently, it's been around since late last year but is resurfacing now due to Amazon Prime Day, which hits Monday, July 15th and runs through the following day.

As with any scam, make sure the email address from which you receive a message is legitimate, especially if it is linked to an account with personal information.

There seems to be a ton of scams going around this time of year. Just a few weeks ago, police were warning the public about a quick fix credit scam. I hope we see an end to it all soon!

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