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The catchphrase "A-B-C you later" is the parting message used by a well-known Minnesota TV personality as he wraps up his segments. Now, this saying holds greater meaning because the broadcaster just announced that he is leaving his Minnesota television station to pursue a new job.

Viewers turning in for the local information on ABC affiliate KAAL have noticed significant lineup changes over the past few months.

Another Popular Anchor Is Leaving Minnesota TV


James Wilcox and Laura Lee were the faces of this station for many years. Both evening anchors are no longer there. Laura took a new job up north and no one really knows what happened to James - online reports suggest there was a blowup between him, his new cohost, and management. He says those rumors aren't true.

The station also lost Chris Kuball, a beloved weatherman. In April, he announced that he was taking a new job in Des Moines, "It’s bittersweet for me as I genuinely love living in SE Minnesota and serving this area along with north Iowa. I have made lifelong friends here. It has become home to me. I’d be lying if I said I won't miss it. I absolutely will."

A couple of weeks ago, the station's other main meteorologist, Jim Peterson, also announced he wasn't going to be on screen anymore. He's not moving, just taking a new job at the station. 


Now, the station is looking for a new sports anchor.  Richard Denson has been with KAAL for two years, but in that short time, he made a big impact with his vibrant personality. Denson exuded enthusiasm, with a big smile on display during each of his sports reports which were always filled with entertaining catchphrases.

The high-energy sports anchor traveled all around southeast Minnesota covering high school sports, an effort that I'm certain was greatly appreciated by the athletes and their parents.

Denson just announced that he is moving to Memphis to pursue a new job. Watch his announcement below.

"To the ABC 6 News - KAAL TV Weekend Show. It all started there; I got to have so much fun no matter who was the anchor or weather person. Many of the changes to the sportscasts began on the weekend show. It's a show I will miss dearly as I move closer to the end."

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