When you find that perfect babysitter that you and your kids love, you’ll do just about anything to keep them. Sometimes you don’t even talk about your babysitter around other moms to make sure they aren’t stolen from you!

But if you aren’t paying your babysitter enough, there’s the chance that they will leave you for a different family that will pay them more.

Worst. Nightmare.

But how much is enough to keep your babysitter coming back to you?

According to UrbanSitter’s 7th Annual National Childcare Rates Survey, the average price per hour that people are paying babysitters nationally is $16.43 for one child. This will vary slightly based on where you live of course. For Minnesota, the average price per hour is $14.33 for one child and $15.27 for two. So we are slightly below the national average!

Another factor that I didn’t know about is tipping! When I was a babysitter I know for sure I was never tipped. Now, that was a while ago so maybe times have changed! Turns out, if you don't tip your babysitters, you are actually in the minority. In the survey, 55% of parents said they tip their babysitter.

Check out other interesting stats about how much childcare costs across the country, what parents pay for, and why parents hire babysitters through this link!

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