Only those who were born and raised here in Minnesota can read that headline and know exactly who we're talking about - Dairy Queen.

I can still remember driving past my childhood DQ one fall, seeing it closed and wondering why the heck that is? I mean I get it now, especially since many in the Midwest aren't exactly craving ice cream when it's 40 below zero out, nor is it that profitable of a business decision. But hey, sometimes I just want an Oreo Blizzard, man!

Anyways, you'd best enjoy as many tasty Blizzards as you can before the real thing arrives in Rochester because I just saw North Broadway Dairy Queen share this on their Facebook page last night:

While they haven't announced an exact date yet on when they'll be closing, you can bet it'll be soon since Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind quite yet on what she'd like to do this fall weather-wise.

My advice is to not wait and take full advantage of their sale and get over there as soon as possible. While you're there, be sure to also thank everyone working at one oldest operating Dairy Queens in Minnesota for another fantastic year!

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