Back in July, we reported that a young boy was thrown from a slide platform at a waterpark in Apple Valley. An 18-year-old threw the 8-year-old boy off the top of the 31-foot slide platform because he was "sick of waiting in the long line." The man, Roman Adams, has developmental disabilities, but according to the Pioneer Press "knew what he did was wrong." He is facing third-degree assault charges.


As for the young boy, Sawyer. He's lucky to be alive, but still, several months later is not 100%. He suffered many injuries - broken bones in his feet, legs, and shoulders. According to the latest GoFundMe page update, this week they hope to have him walking independently.

Over the weekend, Sawyer's family, friends, and neighbors came together to help the family in this time of need. Sawyer was able to go to the benefit. According to the event Facebook page, many other people were there as well.

While it's a substantial amount of money that the family is extremely grateful for, it's still more than $10,000 away from their goal. And anybody that has spent any time in a hospital knows, nowhere near what they really need to cover their expenses. You can still help the family by donating to their GoFundMe Page.



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