There was never a boring summer growing up because I did a lot of summer camps. I had my heart set on becoming a college athlete, which meant most of my summers were spent at Universities refining my soccer skills. If you are looking for something for your kids to do this summer, Rochesters Mom's Blog put together a list of the best summer camps in our area. Here are just a few I thought your kids would enjoy.

If your kids are adventurous and want to get away, Camp Pillsbury might be the place to start. According to their website, they have over 100 activities that range from horseback riding to the theater to cooking. This overnight camp is recommended for ages 6-17.

For those kids with their minds set on becoming college athletes, Olmsted Medical Center Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance Camp might be the place to start. The goal of this camp is to help athletes recovering from injury get back to their sport as well as do injury prevention for those who are healthy.

Not everyone can be athletes, so there are options for the more artistic kiddos out there. The Rochester Art Center has camps for all ages. They have general art classes for the youngsters as well as more advanced camps for the older kids. The one camp teaches campers how to make an animated film from start to finish.

The YMCA Summer Camps have a few options. If your kids are looking to go on field trips every day, they have something for them. Do they want to spend time on a lake? They have something for those kids as well. Their website is definitely worth looking at because there is something for everyone.

Finally, is the camp for kids with a spiritual background. Ironwoods Springs Christian Ranch is the place to go. They will give your kids the camp experience while helping them grow spiritually. They even offer family camps.

These are some of the many options to keep your kiddos busy this summer. Hopefully, they can create memories that last a lifetime.

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