My daughter is going to flip her lid when she finds out we're finally doing this!

I've mentioned numerous times that my family doesn't make it out to the Apache Mall very often anymore, but when we do we almost always pass by the giant Build-A-Bear station they have just outside of their food court. My daughter is just amazed by all the different bears and we always have to stop so she can look at them all. I've told her time and time again that "maybe next time" we'll get her one, even though I know that's a lie because her bed is already filled with dozens of stuffed animals the way it is...

But now I've got a legit reason to actually follow-through and get her one this time because for the first time ever, they're hosting a Pay Your Age Day!

You read that right: Customers who visit a Build-A-Bear Workshop will be able to pay their current age for any furry friend available. The company says on Thursday, July 12, the customer's age determines how much they pay for any bear.

I spoke to Monique at the Apache Mall this morning and she's super excited to see all the families and kids, saying "It's the one time a year where everyone can afford to stop by and get their loved ones a bear, any bear, of their choosing - for super cheap!"

She went on to say there's a few things you need to know before you take advantage of this awesome deal:

  • Customers need to be a "Bonus Club" member.
  • Registration for this is FREE and can be completed online or in-store.
  • This offer is valid for ONE furry friend per Guest present on July 12
  • The minimum charge is $1. A Guest may not pay less than this price for any furry friend, regardless of the Guest’s age or his/her child’s age. The most you will pay is $29.

You can learn more on this special deal and read more FAQ HERE.

She also says the kiosk will be open an hour before the mall opens, at 9 A.M. and will close at 9 P.M. You can enter any main entrance to the mall, but the easiest route to the Build-A-Bear station would be through the Food Court doors as it's located just in front of Forever 21.

UPDATE: The Apache Mall posted the message below to their Facebook page this morning.


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