About half the states in the U.S. use traffic cams to bust violators. Meanwhile 10 states ban the use of traffic cam citations. What category does Minnesota fall into? Find out here. 

While Minnesota DOES have traffic cams in use, Troy Christianson of the Minnesota State Patrol says "the cameras can't positively identify the driver, so the cameras won't issue a citation." He says the cameras are used for other things like accidents.

Iowa is another story. They DO use the traffic cams to issue automated citations for speeding and running red lights. The feedback I've heard from Iowa residents on Facebook is they are not happy about this.


According to a story on Thenewspaper.com, "a lawsuit filed in 2013 charged that the system deprived citation recipients of due process because it offered innocent motorists no realistic opportunity of defending themselves."
What do you think? Should Minnesota start using their traffic cams to issue citations? Should Iowa stop using them?

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