The sign is up and mannequins are in the windows at a new boutique in downtown Rochester, Minnesota!

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

New Women's Boutique Shop Now Open in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota

As you drive down Broadway, take a look at the west side of the road at 113 Broadway Ave North and check out the new boutique for women called True Queens Boutique.  (Get directions to True Queens Boutique here.).  

True Queens Boutique works hard to make sure customers are happy with their purchases by giving specific descriptions of material and giving customers the best quality possible. - True Queens Boutique website

My gym outfits tend to be a bit baggier and full of Adidas logos but I'm sure someone would love to wear those clothes with a friend at the gym.  If I see you twinning, I'll know where you got your outfit.😉

If you'd love to connect with the new boutique, here are a few ways to find them virtually:

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What store do you want to see open in Rochester, Minnesota?

Boutiques seem to be a popular trend in Rochester.  We've even got a few that showed up in the list of top spots where women love to shop which you can see below.  But I'm wondering, what store would you like to see open up in our area?  We've got a ton of empty spaces that would be perfect for your dream shop.  Dream big and let me know what you'd like to see open up in town.  Just send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica Williams on the Radio - or via e-mail at

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