This is making me think of playing hooky someday and taking a day trip up north to try one!

Glam Doll Donuts are more than just your regular run-of-the-mill sugar-coated dough ball tossed in a bag for the hell of it.

Nope, their team of Teresa Fox and Arwyn Birch dream BIG.

The motto they go by: treat yo’self (glamorously), and life will be sweet. Amen to that!

Known for their tantalizing array of specialty donuts, they're constantly brewing up new and crazy ideas that appeal to their ever-growing fan base.

This brings me to their newest creation: The Bellybomb, which is a Mac n' Cheese Donut! This looks absolutely perfect for mac n' cheese lovers... and it's served with a side of chili, even.

Ugh... you have to watch the video below, then go get one:

Oh my, that looks so amazing!

I think my obituary would probably read: "And they found his lifeless body with a small piece of Mac and Cheese donut left in his hand... family said he died happy."

You can check out Glam Doll Donuts entire menu HERE.

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