If you've been eagerly awaiting the return of celebrity prank show, Punk’d -- one of way too many formerly-defunct television shows to get the revival treatment -- you're in luck. The new version of the show premiered last night (August 18), and its first victim was Chris Brown.

The first episode back revolved around a music video shoot with French Montana. At the start of the video, Chris befriends a young fan on set. The girl confides in Chris that she feels scared because she's at the shoot alone, without her parents, so Chris orders his team to look out for her and keep her safe. Eventually, though, someone walks away with the girl — which triggers an understandably frantic reaction from Chris.

After Chris halts production on the music video and refuses to continue the shoot until the little girl is found, French Montana steps in and reveals that he's on the legendary prank show, and that the little girl is merely an actress.

Chris, who was also pranked on the original version of Punk'd, said, "I got ‘Punk’d’ before, but this actually had me on the edge of my seat. I’m just glad it’s not real."

News of the show's revival first hit the web back in April when BET announced it was adding Punk’d to its roster, a network switch from its original home on MTV. The show's host Ashton Kutcher has been replaced by social media-turned-mainstream stars DeStorm Power and King Bach.

Watch Chris Brown getting Punk'd in the video above.

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