It's bad enough we got out run, out coached and out played on Sunday night in Philadelphia... but did Eagles fans really need to take it this far?

I'm convinced after this weekend that Philly fans are the absolute worst fan base out there. The "City of Brotherly Love" was the exact opposite as Vikings fans roamed their streets for what turned out to be a punch-less NFC Championship Game at Lincoln Financial Field. Not only did Eagles fans boo and spit obscenities at the visitors, but they also hurled completely full beer cans and probably worse when the camera's weren't rolling.

But what really upsets me is the disrespect they showed to 100-year-old Vikings fan Millie Wall whom fans fell in love with after attending her first ever playoff game last week.

Don't believe me? Here's a couple of Eagles fans (probably drunk, but who can really tell) carrying around a sign saying "F*** Millie".


climb up some Crisco-soaked light polls, because you earned it. But don't think for one second that it's cool or funny to call out a sweet old lady such as Millie. What did she
ever do to you?

It's bad enough they won, but now we have to "welcome" these a**holes into our state in two weeks too? I'd rather wear green and gold for a week than cheer for these jerks to win a Super Bowl. Here's hoping they leave just as cold and miserable as the weather they fly into because they don't deserve to win it all.

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