Many retail stores across the country opened up for special hours for seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Costco is one retailer that had this option but in the next few weeks Costco will be taking away the special shopping hours they have set up for seniors (those 60 and older), those with disabilities, and those who are immunocompromised.

I can't remember when exactly, but at the beginning of the pandemic Costco offered special hours for those at higher risk of having major complications if they get COVID-19. I believe it's been over a year since these hours were put into place. However, on Wednesday, July 28th Costco's in Minnesota and across the country will no longer have that option and "will resume regular operating hours" according to the announcement on their website. Right now, the special shopping hours are 9-10 AM Monday through Friday.

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With the continuing increase in people getting the COVID vaccine I'm sure this caused Costco to make the decision to get rid of the special shopping hours. If you haven't gotten your COVID vaccine and have questions about the vaccine, go HERE to check out the answers to 30 common questions about the COVID vaccine.

With things like Costco's special hours going away and other COVID restrictions and changes being lifted, tons of events are now happening again, including Rochester's Thursdays Downtown which starts this Thursday! You can read more about what to expect at Thursdays Downtown this year HERE. And keep scrolling to see what other events are going on in southeast Minnesota this year.

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