If this is true, then my wife needs to clean out her car ASAP.

In all seriousness, I never thought I would have to worry about something like this. I mean, here's a summer safety hazard you've probably never ever thought of before: Did you know leaving a full or half-full bottle of water in your car could start a FIRE? It's true.

And if you don't believe it, there's plenty of video evidence to back it up like this one:

So just like Dioni said, here's how something like this can happen.

A plastic bottle of water can act like a magnifying glass that pinpoints sunlight on one specific spot. In most cases, the odds of a water bottle setting your entire car on fire are pretty low. I mean, the least that'll happen is it might melt a small hole in your upholstery... But a fire is STILL possible, so there's that.

Just make sure if your car sits in the sun all day every day that any water bottles are tucked away from the light of day. Of if you're my wife, just finish or dispose of what's in those six bottles you've got tucked under your passenger seat.

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