Beware-- if your lawn isn't up to code in the city of Rochester, it could cost you!

Just like during the winter (or spring this year), when you have only have 24 hours to makes sure all the ice and snow is removed from your sidewalk after a storm or you could be fined, so, too, could your lawn get you a fine in the city of Rochester-- if you don't keep it mowed, that is.

That's right. Make sure that lawn is properly mowed, or you could be hit with a fine. It's all courtesy of Rochester city ordinance 48, which states, "The Rochester Common Council determines that keeping the city free of tall grass and noxious weeds improves the quality of life of city residents by improving the aesthetics of the city, by eliminating harbor for rodents and insects, and by eliminating fire hazards," according to city's website.

So, what does "tall grass" actually mean? Well, the site goes on to say that "tall grass," is defined as any  "grass and herbaceous vegetation measuring 12’’ in height or greater," the site says.

So, yeah, that's grass that has grown to a foot. Which is actually pretty tall. I doubt even our new lawn mower would be able to tackle grass that had grown to be a foot tall. But, the fact remains, you've do have to mow your lawn (or pay someone) to keep it from growing that long-- or, tall.

And if you don't? That's where the fine comes in. Luckily, the site says there aren't any 'grass police' out there, randomly inspecting your lawn to see how long it is. But you could be fined if someone-- a neighbor, perhaps-- files a complaint.

Of course, you do have time to mow it after the city issues you a notice before they send a crew over to mow it for you. But if you still don't, it'll cost you $60 for the first offense, $90 for a second offense and up to $120 for third offense.

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