One year ago, I walked into the Townsquare Media building never thinking I would be on the radio and here I am - on the radio! It's been a whirlwind year. Between learning this new radio gig to obtaining my Bachelor's degree, I can't believe where life has taken me!

I remember the first day of training. I was completely shocked that Radio host not only had to talk into a mic (sorry I thought this was all you did, ladies and gents) but they also had to manage a sound board AND a computer. It was completely outside of anything I had done before. I mean, I have no problem talking (as many of you know) but one thing my boss, Dunken told me right from the start "You're going to have to cut the chatter down to a minute or so" What? Seriously? I have to say something in a short span of time and get to the point?!? While it's been a lot of learning - it's been a ton of fun too. Between the Random Acts of Kindness we teamed up with Clements Subaru to sharing meaningful moments like meeting one side of my family for the very first time this year has truly been remarkable. Thank you for joining me on the journey and for listening to me every day stay within a minute or so....sometimes.

Check out the video below celebrating my one year anniversary and see what kind of gifts my co-workers got for me. I just have one question, where are the donuts?!!?!?

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