Honestly, I've never heard of half of these shows let alone the most popular one in my own state... But that might be because my kid dominates the remote these days with shows like PJ Masks and Chuggington.

In fact, can't remember the last show I binge-watched on Netflix, original programming or not, but it almost always has something to watch when you're looking to kick back and chill on the couch a little bit. Back in the day I could easily hammer out three to four seasons of "The Office" and not feel guilty about wasting my weekend away, but now with a little one, not so much.

What I do find interesting though is that I constantly see articles on the internet on how Netflix compiles all the information about all of the stuff we watch, weird or otherwise. So that's why when I found this map (seen below) that highlights all the most popular Netflix shows in each state from last year, I couldn't believe what Minnesota's was... mostly because I've never even heard of it:

Credit: Highspeedinternet.com
Credit: Highspeedinternet.com

So what exactly is "American Vandal"? Well you can read about it HERE. I was also surprised to see so much Orange is the New Black, which dominated 15 states! Maybe that's the next show I need to binge-watch?

Are there any shows you'd recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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