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Fun fact, it's NOT illegal to sell your used mattress in Minnesota. I know, I didn't know that either! According to state law, there is one specific thing that need to be done in order to legally sell your used mattress, though.

I have always thought it WAS illegal to sell a used mattress, so now my whole world is turned upside down! I know I've seen a lot of used mattress for sale or for free on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, but just because they're there doesn't mean it's legal.

Anyway, I was looking around for the official law saying that we're allowed to sell used mattresses. That is Minnesota Statute Sec. 325F.31. If you want to check out the whole thing you can read that HERE, but this is the gist of what you need to do to sell a used mattress:

On any article of bedding, not remade, but which has been previously used, the words "secondhand materials used in filling not known" shall appear upon the label, together with the name and address of the vendor thereof.

Seems easy enough. They also say that the label "shall be in letters not less than one-eighth of an inch in height" and "[the] label shall be attached to each mattress, pad, or upholstered spring by sewing all four edges of the label."

This is the only specification that I see in Minnesota Statute Sec. 325F.31. However, on a website called Nolah Mattress, it says that in Minnesota a "used mattress must be sanitized before sale." Even if that's not law, I really hope people sanitize their mattress before selling it, because that's nasty.

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