How does everyone mark 'their spot' for the Rochesterfest Parade? With lawn chairs and blankets, of course. What? You didn't know that was this weekend (06/25/21)? It is.

Credit: Townsquare Media Rochester
Credit: Townsquare Media Rochester

This Saturday starting at 2 it's the Rochesterfest Grand Parade (look for Y-105FM, Quick Country, and 106.9 KROC walking with everyone's best friend, 2nd Street Flag Waving Joe!) . There's a chance of rain, so we'll notify you on our app if the parade's been cancelled or delayed (click below to download our app).

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Here's something it took me years to learn. The towel or chair isn't just a reservation for a spot to watch the parade. it's a line in the sand. You go away and know no one would DARE take your spot because of the unwritten law of parades.

It's such a strong un-written law, an extensive online search revealed NO police reports of such a theft in Southeast Minnesota.

Of course, if someone DID take your stuff, there's not much you could do about getting them back. Best to tell your sad kid, "Some people are dough-heads."

Sad boy
Sad kid who's dad just said, "People are dough-heads, buddy." Xavier_S

Oh, sure, call the police. And tell them what? "Someone took my blanket/chair/tent"? Even if there's doorbell cam footage, how can you prove the stuff is yours? Maybe that guy in the Ford Escape owns the stuff and just took it back (because he found a better spot under a big ol'tree near the golf course).


While Rochester Police may not be able to get your stuff back, you're not out of luck entirely. You can always pick up a parade blanket or chair at the conveniently located James Rabe Parade Chair and Blanket Emporium! Click play to see the deals!

Not really...this place doesn't exist. Just a fevered imagination at work. Don't steal people's things, even if the idea of 'reserving a spot' has no enforcement mechanism. Leave it alone and just have fun in another spot.

A continuing and constant thank you to Todd Suhr for his voice work and idea for that video. He is truly a very funny man. 

Where's The Best Place to Watch the Rochesterfest Grand Parade?

Remember to bring something for shade, this year maybe an umbrella, and plenty of water! The two best places to see the parade...

1) Edison Building:


There is plenty of open space in front of the Edison building on the corner of 6th St SW and 7th Ave SW, and this spot is right near the beginning of the parade, which means everyone will still have plenty of candy to throw out. The final stretch of the parade, pictured below, is right along Soldier's Field Park and as you can see is wide open.

2) Soldier's Field:

Google Maps
Google Maps

This year's parade starts at 2:00PM on Saturday. Hope to see you there!

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Check out these awesome videos of Rochesterfest Parades Past.

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