Do you know who you really are? Kind of a loaded question, I know. But there are very good reasons why people, including myself, want to know who we really are. There's a great video circulating around social media that shows the reactions from a selection of 67 people who took a DNA test. They initially had preconceived negative views of other "groups" and shockingly, some of them find out their heritage is a part of the group they may have had misconceptions of.

It goes to show that we're all so much more than the exterior - our genetic make up connects us.....and sometimes rather closely. You never know if the person sitting next to you could be your cousin!

In the past few weeks, I discovered long lost family members through and other avenues. It's been pretty exciting. However, there's some conflicting information on exactly what our heritage is. I decided to order a DNA kit to figure out our genealogical lineage.

There's several places where you can get a DNA kit. I got mine on sale off of Here's a video of what you get in your kit and what to do.



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