In this day and age social media bares all and sometimes things said online can carry a consequence. Recently we shared about the grand opening of Dough Boys - a new trailer/truck serving up scoops of cookie dough. New owner, Cory Scrabeck received backlash after some of his personal postings were scrutinized due to the messages it conveyed related to Islamophobia, fat shaming and degrading women. I received numerous messages related to the postings and went to Cory directly about them. We had a serious yet candid conversation and he was very receptive to hearing perspective. And while it's easy to jump on someone regarding things like this  - I ask that you read his statement and consider that we're all human and my hope is that we can all learn from this - whether it be considering what we post on social media but also how we treat each other.

Here's Cory's statement:

I want to say that I am deeply sorry & apologetic for the some of the things on my personal FB page that might have offended others. No way in my right mind would I ever want to hurt anyone. I made a HUGE mistake in past FB posts that are not or do not reflect on the man I really am. Coming from a smaller town in SE Minnesota my life was somewhat sheltered from the real world and the things going on around it. It wasn't until I chose to join the US Army where I befriended so many people from different cultures. I have friends from many walks of life and would throw myself in front of a truck just to save any one of them! Sometimes we as people post things, especially when's it's political, in the heat of the moment. I'm not perfect at all & will never claim to be, but who is? I regret the the things I have said as that is not who I truly am. Trying to be the "cool cat" to my Army buddies is definitely not the way to go & for that I'm truly sorry. I also LOVE women!! My mother is my best friend along with my sister. Most of my best childhood friends have been been female. I protect them, watch out for them & help them like any man should do. Heck! My business partner is a single mom that I've know for 25 years & trust me she doesn't put up with any man's crap! She would definitely be the one to put me in my place if she knew I was acting like a fool. Well, now she has. I'm really just the overweight kid from Minnesota that got picked on all through elementary school until I hit puberty & could help keep others from being bullied like myself. I really didn't think anyone would think my cookie dough idea was going to be this cool. I was just hoping for a few people to fall in love with it especially the kids! Even though I don't have any children (yet🙌🏼) I love walking into a room & being the guy that makes them laugh. I just want to bring fun, laughter & cookie dough to Rochester's great community! With the cookie dough concept it will bring people together from all walks of life. I want to experience more of that! I want to help with non-profit organizations & fundraisers to raise money for those who truly need it! I want to see little kids laugh & smile after their first bite of cookie dough. We are working with a non-profit organization on our Grand Opening to raise money for the mentorship of kids with cancer & I want to do my best for them.
I just want to be the man that I know I can be & want to be. I know I want to be better & this has definitely been a learning experience. To some of you this may seem like hot air but all I ask is give me the chance & I promise I won't let you down. That is my word.


Sincerely, Cory "Doughboy" Scrabeck


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