Since I am on college break and have some time on my hands, I sought the expertise of my friends for some ideas for the best crock-pot recipes. They did not fail me. Several friends mentioned this Mississippi Roast and swore it was the best recipe ever. I couldn't believe it when I saw that you only needed four ingredients (other than the roast). I skipped along the aisles of the grocery store looking for each ingredient. I decided to add little golden potatoes and baby carrots for additional sides.

When I got home, I prepped the Mississippi Roast for the next day. It was SO easy! First I seared the roast in a pan (another friend recommended that to lock in the flavor). Next, I put it in the crock-pot, threw in the ingredients as well as the golden potatoes and baby carrots. I placed it in the fridge overnight. When I woke up, I made myself a cup of coffee and plugged in the crock-pot. Easy street right?!?


Nope! By the time I got to work I realized I had clicked the time but had not clicked the temperature for the roast to cook!! I ended up running back home over lunch to redeem my efforts and turn the temp on. But alas, the results were still delicious. Best pot roast ever! Kid tested, Mother approved!

Need some more ideas? Here's some other best crock-pot recipes ever recommended by my amazing friends:

And of course, we cannot forget dessert. Y-105's Tracy McCray recommended the Brownie Bomb! Totally going to make this.

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