Escape games are the newest craze sweeping the nation and for a good reason! They're fun, team building, brain busting, memorable, and you can experience it for yourself at the award-winning Escape Challenge in Rochester.

One of the things that makes the Escape Challenge so exciting is just how interactive it is. It requires groups to work through problems without any electronics whatsoever; you must rely solely on wits and communication.

All of the challenges you'll face in the Escape Challenge are unique and developed in-house by their team. They have a great balance of story, puzzles, and technology throughout the experience.

The rooms vary in difficulty, but each challenge is meant to be testing. Don't worry, though! If you get stuck, you and your group are allowed to ask for hints. Fun fact: only 5% of groups have solved all of the challenges with three hints or less.

Escape rooms are sometimes thought of as being scary or unsafe. While the concept is intentionally meant to sound scary and exciting, there isn't anything dangerous about it at all! You're allowed to leave anytime you want.

The Escape Challenge has spent a lot of time with building safety and the fire marshal to ensure that their experience meets the highest of safety standards and they've also taken extra health and safety precautions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Groups are always private and bookings are spread out, so you should never see another person that isn't a part of your group (or the game master that leads you to your room). Every item in each room is also sterilized in between uses.

If you're ready to experience what was voted the best escape room in all of Minnesota, visit to book your Escape Challenge mission today.

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